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What is going on with Diane Feinstein’s eyelid?

Diane Feinstein, a prominent US politician suffered herpes zoster infection which affected her brain. She also suffered from Ramsay Hunt syndrome which is a bad manifestation of herpes zoster. It can recur in the brain and cause nerve palsies.

What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

It is a triad of three things. Facial nerve palsy, vesicles in the ear, and ear pain seen with chicken pox reactivation in patients as they get older. Herpes zoster is the official name for chicken pox reactivation.

Why is her eyelid drooping?

In facial nerve palsy on her on the right side, it will prevent the right upper eyelid from closing but the muscle tone for the right lower eyelid will be weak causing it to droop. The eyeball can get dry and it can be serious if not treated.

What is the treatment for her eyelid?

In many patients, the eyelid and muscle tone will get better however not in everyone. Some patients may need help in closing the eye temporarily or permanently. This can be done with different surgical techniques or even placing a gold weight in the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid can be tightened as well.

What is the risk for her eye?

Without proper closure of the eye, the eye can dry out or even get damaged. It is certain she is seeing an eye doctor to monitor the cornea Or front of the eye.

Does Dr Thiagarajah treat eyelid closure problems?

Yes Dr Thiagarajah is an oculoplastic surgeon who treats the full breadth of eyelid problems along with cosmetic surgery of the eyelids.

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