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Oculofacial Plastic Surgery in Denver, Colorado

Dr Thiagarajah considers oculoplastic surgery a serious undertaking. Each case in Denver is different and carries with it, its own set of challenges. There is truly no such thing as "simple" surgery. The most important thing that predicates a  happy patient is great patient education. It results in the patient having a great understanding of the procedure, knowing what to do before and after the surgery, being able to recognize a complication or problem early and having a realistic expectation of what their surgical results can be.


Dr Thiagarajah encourages his patients to read on the website about their procedure, the consent form, what to do before surgery  and what to do after surgery.  Dr Thiagarajah has a separate preoperative appointment to discuss the surgery, make sure prescriptions are filled and recheck the patient before the procedure.  

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