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Eyelid Surgery or Eyebrow Lifting: A Denver Eyelid Surgeon discusses the options

Many patients are often unsure. Do I need eyelid surgery or do I need eyebrow surgery? Over time patients develop descent of the eyebrows and extra skin on the eyelids This results in descent of the eyebrows and extra skin on the eyelids.

The first question is which procedure does one need? The answer is that depends. Some patients need their eyebrows lifted. Others need the excess skin removed. Some need both.

One of the first things to determine is if ones eyebrows are low or not. First off, the ideal position of a woman’s eyebrows are right at the orbital rim. For men it is slightly below the orbital rim. It is important to make that distinction because low eyebrows are actually a more masculine trait. Raising the eyebrows in men can feminize their appearance. It is important to be aware of that as a male patient.

Secondly, an important note is that raising the eyebrows can change the appearance of the patient. It is important to raise one’s eyebrows at home in the mirror and think “Would I be happy with this appearance?” Not everyone will like that change. These patients need only eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery should be performed along with eyebrow surgery if there will be excess skin even if the eyebrows are lifted. Then both procedures need to be done. Most patients will be happy with just one of the procedures.

There are several ways to raise the eyebrows. The following are the different techniques that I use:

Endoscopic Eyebrow Lifting

Direct Brow Lifting

Forehead Incision Brow Lifting

Scalp Incision Brow Lifting

Suture Eyebrow Lifting

Each procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages and a thorough discussion with your doctor is necessary to get the best outcome. As an eyelid and facial surgeon I discuss the pluses and minuses of each procedure for the eyebrow with the patient. This discussion is coupled with a discussion about raising the eyelids via blepharoplasty.

In summary there are individual needs that exist for each patient. This is a personal discussion in terms of what is best for you. There is no one size fits all approach for eyelid and eyebrow surgery. As an oculoplastic surgeon, our expertise is in this specialized procedure around the eyes.

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