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Emergency Eye and Oculoplastic Cases during 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) in Denver

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak in Denver, Colorado and the world, our practice is in accordance with state law only accepting emergency patients for examination and treatment. We are also seeing our post-operative patients to maintain continuity of care. To reduce the burden on hospital emergency rooms we are trying to support the community by seeing any eye emergencies that patients may have if that can avoid them having to go to the emergency room in a hospital Denver. Additionally a number of eye care providers have temporarily closed their doors during this time and we are happy to cover patients with eye and oculoplastic issues who may need care and may want to avoid the waiting room in large health care systems.

There are specific eye, eyelid and oculoplastic problems that our practice focuses on that we have specialized expertise in:

Eyelid infection

Eye Socket Infection

Eye Socket Fracture

Eyelid or Facial cut

Tear duct infection

Eye Socket Tumor

Eyelid Tumor or Growth

Stye with associated eye infection

Sudden drooping eyelid (Horner's Syndrome)

We will see regular eye emergencies (such as corneal ulcer, pink eye, scratched cornea) as well but will have those patients set up with our well skilled ophthalmology and optometry colleagues for further followup and management after the initial appointment.

Surgery will be reserved for emergency cases and medical management of patients until we can get through this pandemic together. Our practice is committed to doing our part to help support the cause to end this as soon as possible. If you are interested in a consultation please call our office for an appointment. 303 468 8844.

Thank you,

Chris Thiagarajah MD

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