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Understanding Lip Filler: What a Denver lip injector physician needs you to know

Lip Filler is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States. It is also one of the most common procedures performed in my office. There are fortunately many fillers that can be used in the lips. That being said each filler has its own positive and negative benefits.

Here are some common questions about lip filler that patients ask.

What is the best filler for me?

There are many different fillers we use in the lips. Some such as Volbella give a pop to the lip and are subtle. Others like Juvederm really expand the lip and give it volume. The ones that are the best is a subjective question. The decision of which filler to use is a personal one where the age, lip structure, expectations of the patient are taken into consideration.

Does getting filler in my lip hurt?

Lip filler injections do hurt slightly as a needle or cannula is used to fill the lip with filler. That being said most patients use a numbing cream and the filler itself has numbing in it resulting in the injections being very tolerable.

How long does filler last?

Lip filler lasts anywhere from 6 months to 1 ½ years depending on the products used. It is important to note that soft fillers that are more natural in my opinion tend to last a shorter time than harder or stiffer fillers. Juvederm lasts anywhere from 9 months to a year.

How often does Dr T inject lip filler?

Every week Dr T performs lip filler. He usually injects filler on his clinic days on Monday, Wednesday and some Fridays.

What is the recovery for lip filler?

Lips are often swollen for a couple days after filler. I tell patients to give it two weeks to look at the final outcome.

What if I don’t like my lip filler?

There are ways to get rid of lip filler using a dissolving agent.

Can I bring in a photo of someone’s lips and have you give me those lips?

The short answer is maybe. The limitations are the structure of your own lip. You can’t make a pickup truck from the frame of a buggy. Also you can’t make a Ferrari from the frame of garbage truck. In short the frame of what you have will determine what your enhanced lips will look like. We are limited as doctors on your anatomy.

I have seen some people with terrible looking lips that are done. What is up with that?

Yes. When someone gets filler that doesn’t adhere to the basic structure of their lips the lips will look unnatural. Also, the lips that are overfilled will look too big for the face and look unnatural. A frank discussion with your doctor is critical to see what your limits are.

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