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Filler to underage Hollows in 2019: What are the best products

Filler for the undereye hollows is the one of the most common procedures that I perform. There are several products that are effective for undereye hollows.

1. Volbella

2. Bellotero

3. Restylane

Each of those products does not absorb water very well so they tend not to swell. Volbella is my product of preference because it is soft and pliable. It tends to create a natural look.

There are some important things to know when it comes to filler in the lower eyelids

1. Sometimes filler is needed in the mid face after tear trough. By filling the tear trough or under eye hollows, sometimes it accentuates the hollowness or flatness of the mid face. Something to keep in mind

2. It is better to have under treatment than over treatment. All fillers swell a little bit. It is difficult for the undereyes to be completely smooth. Think massive improvement as opposed to perfect.

3. Undereye filler lasts about a year.

4. A specialist in the eyelids is usually the best person to treat you regarding this specialized area

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