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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in 2019: What is important to know for Blepharoplasty

Advice from a Denver Eyelid Specialist

In 2019, advances in plastic surgery and specifically eyelid plastic surgery have yielded some improvements in the world of cosmetic eyelid surgery. Eyelid plastic surgery or oculoplastic surgery focuses on the cosmetic and reconstructive treatment of the eyelids. This surgery is commonly known as a blepharoplasty. As an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver, I am often asked by other doctors and patients what the advances that hold for cosmetic eyelid surgery in my practice. Here is what I know.

Techniques for cosmetic eyelid surgery are improving

Ocular plastic surgery has brought along new advances in the world of cosmetic eyelid surgery. Largely due to these advances in ocular plastic surgery there are new techniques for cosmetic eyelid surgery that have taken the world by storm. Some of these include new concepts in fat repositioning and what looks good after eyelid surgery such as fillers or lasers. In the old day, hollowed out appearance of eyelids after cosmetic eyelid surgery what is the goal. That is no longer the case. Now patients want a more natural look. Oculoplastic surgeons have led the way to maximize the appearance of eyes after cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Varying techniques, such as fat repositioning, sup brow fat sculpting, eyebrow repositioning, and even eyelid tightening procedures during a blepharoplasty have resulted in more natural appearances after patients undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery.

In our practice in Denver, we often try to maximize patience appearance after surgery resulting in a more natural rested look. Patients no longer (at least in Denver) want to have “done” appearance. The role of a specialist when it comes to different plastic surgery procedures has increased overtime. Most patients now recognize that it is in their interest to see a specialist when it comes to plastic surgery procedures. The days of Jack of all trade plastic surgeon is over. The eyelids and eyes are a specialized unique organ system. Oculoplastics urgencies focus their whole career on the eyelids offer better outcomes in general with lower risks of complications. Patients in 2019 realize that.

Fillers are gaining more a role in eyelid appearance improvement

There’re many fillers that are used along the eyelid. These include restylane, beletero and vobella. Fillers can often be used to augment the appearance of under eye hollows or even loss a volume in the upper eyelid. Fillers can sometimes accomplish what surgery cannot. In fact, some would say that the best outcomes for patients seeking cosmetic approval improvement around their eyes involves both surgery and filler. There are patients that come to my clinic asking for surgery who sometimes only need filler to augment their eyelids. This is something that is determined from a direct consultation in person by me.

That being said there are some things that haven’t changed when it comes to eyelid surgery.

  1. You need a surgeon with experience

  2. You need a surgeon who cares

  3. You need a surgeon who can minimize complications

  4. You need a surgeon who can handle complications when they occur

  5. You need an eyelid specialist for eyelid surgery

These five points did not change in 2018 and most likely will not change in the next twenty years. As an oculoplastic surgeon, my expertise is in eyelid surgery and specifically blepharoplasty. Come in for a consultation to see if eyelid surgery is for you. 303 468 8844.

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