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The BEST system for staying young - A Denver plastic surgeon tells all.

What is the BEST system? A tried and true method for retaining your youth. Many people use it. Many doctors use it. It is simple and effective. I recommend it to all patients from their 20s on.





Botox treatment in Denver

Botox has now been around for decades and one thing it has been proven to do….keep us looking young. In most plastic surgery practices there has been a increasing transition from patients who have let time get the best of them to patients who want to stay looking and feeling young. Botox use particularly in the millennial and Gen X population has been on the rise. Additionally, men have increased their botox use. There are two particular reasons for that.

Studies of twins have shown that over time botox reduces the develop of new lines and wrinkles. These studies had one twin use botox over time while the other twin did not. There were huge differences in aging appearance between the twins with the botox twin looking much younger.

Additionally, botox has been shown to decrease the rate of skin discoloration and skin quality appearance. How is this possible? We don’t know 100% why this happens but not only are the wrinkles decreasing in appearance but also the skin tone. Another reason to use botox.

Botox is often done three to four times a year. A treatment takes 5-10 minutes, kicks in a 7-9 days and lasts 12-14 weeks. It is the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in our office.

It is hard to use a product before damage has occurred but botox use can definitely prevent aging changes. It is safe to say “A stick in time saves nine”.


We all know that exercise is good for you. Weightlifting, cardio exercise and HIIT (high Instensity interval training) have all positive benefits. That being said which one has the best effect on aging? Studies recently done show that in fact HIIT training can increase telomere length in cells. This is the part of the DNA that is associated with aging. Some participants in the studies had DNA that was effectively 9 years younger than their stated age. All exercise slows down aging but HIIT is apparently the best to slow it down the most. An exercise program that combines all three components is most likely the best for longevity, appearing young and staying active.

Smart Living

Smart living boils down to two things:

Living a healthy lifestyle

Reducing stress

Healthy lifestyle includes eating well, avoiding cigarettes and taking appropriate supplements such as Omega 3 fatty acids. Reducing stress is just that. There is a reason that presdents look exponentially older after their presidency term. Stress increases aging at a rapid rate. On top of that eating unhealthy foods constantly (such as fast food) are not leading to a healthy lifestyle and life.

Cigarettes are just plain poison. If you are a smoker the single biggest thing from this list you can do to stay young is stop smoking. Plain and simple it will age you…and it will kill you. Quitting will save your life.

There is a whole industry based on smart living from diet to stress. Meditation and other stress reducing activities can be helpful to stay young. Explore the options that work for you.

Treatment of Skin

Skin treatment involve two things:


Regular skin treatment

90% of aging is caused by the sun. If you are going outside, you should have a sunbock on. Many foundations have sunblock on which is extremely effective in preventing sun damage. Regular sun protection is critical in preventing aging.

Skin treatments involves several things. Retin-A products reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Other skin products help skin turnover and keep the skin looking young. Facial treatments increase cell turnover and get rid of dead layers of skin bringing out the newer more dewey skin below it. At our office we recommend hydrafacials regularly to keep skin looking young.

Skin care is a process that takes time. A laser or a skin cream cannot cancel 50 years of partying, sunburns and unhealthy lifestyles. Yes, it can help to reduce aging apperances but the best approach is a healthy approach to life from the beginning to prevent and reduce aging changes.

As can be seen the B.E.S.T treatment is highly effective and as a 44 year old who has followed this routine, I have found it effective to reduce aging in myself. I try to recommend to patients approaches that I use myself. Good luck!

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