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Eyelid Surgeon Dr Chris Thiagarajah is a 5280 Top Doctor

5280 Top Blepharoplasty doctor

Dr Chris Thiagarajah, an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver Colorado has been placed on the 2018 5280 Top Doctors which will be published in August. Dr Thiagarajah is an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver at Park Avenue Oculoplastic Surgeons. He performs orbital, eyelid and tear duct surgery. His main area of interest is blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery.This year he published a book, So You Want to Get Your Eyelids Done as a guide for patients undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery. Dr Thiagarajah sees patients at his office Monday through Friday and performs hundreds of eyelid surgeries every year.

Best Eyelid Surgery in Denver

Dr Thiagarajah is on staff at Presbyterian St Lukes, Porter Hospital, Lutheran Hospital among others. He performs CE and CME oculoplastic lectures for ophthalmologists and optometrists regularly. He also has educational videos for patients on Youtube along with Facebook.

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