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The best eyelid procedure in Denver: What the experts know

Eyelid surgery in Denver is one of the most common surgeries that are performed. There are generally two functions of the surgery. First there is an obvious cosmetic improvement of the eyes when the surgery is done. Second, the vision of the patient can be improved. This occurs because excess skin is lifted away from the front of the eye, the eyelid is lifted higher or both. There are several options for patients undergoing eyelid surgery. Most patients in fact do not know this. Most patients believe that eyelid surgery is in fact only one type of surgery. This is a quick run down of the different surgeries that exist commonly for the eyelid.

As oculoplastic surgeons, we often have at our disposal many procedures for the eyelid to improve its appearance. Some patients benefit from one procedure over another. Other patients need several procedures at the same time. Often if a surgeon has a limited number of eyelid procedures under their belt, every patient will get the same single procedure. The most common example of this is a blepharoplasty. Often general plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons are often only familiar with this procedure. Cosmetic eyelid patients often are recommended this procedure regardless of what their actual need is.

As a patient, it may be helpful to gain insight into the basic various eyelid procedures that are available. It is not important to really know how each is performed or the technique involved but recognize that there is are varied procedures and an eyelid specialist is the one that can deliver the appropriate procedure to you.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty is a procedure by which fat and skin are removed from the upper or lower eyelids. Often this improves the appearance of the eyelid and eyes. A blepharoplasty does not open the aperture of the eye. It does not raise or elevate the upper eyelid. It only serves to remove the skin and/or fat.

Lower eyelid fat repositioning

In this procedure, fat in the lower eyelid is removed but also moved around to fill in hollow areas underneath the eyelids (tear trough).

Levator Resection

A levator resection is a procedure by which the eyelid muscle of the upper eyelid is tightened resulting in an elevation of the height of the upper eyelid. Often when this occurs the eye is more open. This is commonly done to improve the field of vision for patients. The procedure is performed through an incision through the upper eyelid crease.


This procedure is also performed to elevate the upper eyelid. This surgery as well opens the eyes up but instead is done through incisions in the inside of the eyelid.

Lower eyelid cathoplasty

In this procedure the lower eyelids are tightened so as to not be so droopy or loose.

Recovery for eyelid surgery is roughly two weeks. What that often means is that most of bruising and swelling is gone during that time period. Of course if more surgeries are combined there tends to be more bruising and swelling and a longer recovery than if a patient only undergoes one eyelid procedure.

As can be seen there are a myriad of procedures for the eyelids that are performed. Often these procedures are combined with one another. The total number of procedures that are performed for the lower and upper eyelid are in the 100s however these are the most common. Understanding the basic procedures allows patients to select the best procedure for them with their eyelid surgeon. In our Denver office, there is commonly a discussion with eyelid patients of their options. For a consultation with some of the best eyelid surgeons in Denver call our office now 303 468 8844 .

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