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Skincare in your 30s in Denver

Our thirties is when aging begins. There I said it. As an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver, I often have patients that come to my office asking for guidance on how to look and remain looking young. Most people in their thirties are out of the sheltered world of college and graduate school in our twenties where everyone looks young and aging is an uncommon finding. In our thirties through work, recreation or just life, we see people who are in their 40s (oh no) and realize that the aging appearance starts to vary over time. There are bosses or coworkers in their 40s who look 25 and those who look 65. In our 30s we begin to realize that aging is a process that happens to everyone and how we live and take care of ourselves can control our appearance as we age. Other than avoiding chronic partying and drugs, there must be other steps to avoid looking like Tara Reid and more like Angelina Jolie when we hit 40.

There are a few critical steps that are important to reducing aging in our thirties. I am going to list each one and explain them.

1. Avoid sunlight and sunburns

2. Use Botox

3. Avoid smoking

4. Use a retinoic

5. Facial laser

Avoiding sunlight and sunburns

This is something that should have gone on from the 20s for patients but the sun will age you like nobody's business. In fact 90% of aging is from sun damage. Use a 50 spf sunblock everytime you go in the sun.

Use Botox

Botox will prevent deep wrinkles from forming. Lines especially those on your upper face like the crows feet and forehead will be prevented with botox use. Botox is administered every 3-4 months and costs anywhere between 200 and 400 dollars. It is worth every penny if you want to stay looking young.

Avoid Smoking

If you have lived under a rock in the last twenty years, I will update you: Smoking is terrible for you. It will kill you and make you look terrible. If you don't quit in your thirties you are less likely to quit your entire life.It will age the hell out of you. Yeah...its that bad.

Using a Retinoic

Retinoic Based creams such as Retin-A and Differing work by increasing cell turnover. They will prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Differin is now over the counter. They are great mainstays of skin care.

Facial Lasers

If you have aging skin at this time, you can get a Halo or Profractional laser to reverse signs of aging. These lasers take 1 hour and the downtime is 3-7 days. They literally resurface the skin and stimulate collagen. The colorado sun is strong and there are patients in their thirties who get lasers to reverse aging.

Hopefully this is a great summary of what one can do in their thirties to keep the skin looking young and retaining youth. These are the best first steps. If you would like a consultation call our office 303 468 8844.

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