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The Best Cosmetic Procedures that Realtors in Denver Receive in My Plastic Surgery Practice

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There are several professions where personal appearance counts: TV personalities, actors, models, plastic surgeons, stylists, fashion designers, and realtors. Maximizing one's appearance in each field are important for different reasons for each field. Patients of mine who are realtors have conveyed to me the importance of maintaining one's appearance for three main reasons.

Realtors are unique in that they may not have the downtime of a profession such as banking where one can take two weeks off from work.

As a result, the patients who are realtors focus on procedures where the downtime is shorter and less disruptive for work. Real estate clients often actively want their real estate professionals continuously involved with them. There can be difficulty for procedures such as facelifting or blepharoplasty which most often require a week off work at a minimum and most often two weeks. Non-invasive procedures are what most real estate professionals tend to receive.

Realtors cosmetic goals tend to focus on maintaining youth and less on promoting hypersexuality

Realtors are professionals like lawyers, doctors and bankers. As a result procedures to hyper sexualize appearance such as filling lips to Kim Kardashian levels or DD breast implants tend to not be done. Procedures for realtors tend to be those that slow down signs of aging and maintain a natural youthful appearance.When treating real estate professionals my goals are often directed towards giving natural beautiful results that don't look artificial, fake, or "done".

Realtors are often exposed to the elements more than other professionals

Traveling from offices and properties results in realtors having a larger exposure to the sun and then exposing themselves to more sun damage. Even in the car, sunlight through the window can cause aging and exposure to UV light that can age the skin. Skin care and lasers to refresh the skin are procedures help any professionals who have exposure to the sun more than other fields where one is in a laboratory or desk all day.

As a result, there are several procedures that are simple enough that my real estate professional patients tend to focus on.

Basic Skin Care

This may seem obvious but basic skin care and protection are the foundation of retaining youth. Let's be honest. Most of my real estate patients don't have time to lather on multiple creams throughout the course of the day. Often two products that I recommend are Revision Revox 7 and Intellishade products are great products that many of my patients use. These are once a day treatments that can be purchased at my office. There are alternatives that can be recommended by your dermatologist.


Botox slows down lines and aging. It also reduces lines in the crows feet, forehead and between the eyebrows. Botox takes a few minutes to administer and there is no downtime.

Facial Filler

There are a multitude of facial fillers that are used to refresh patients look. Most patients get volume in their cheeks and nasolabial folds. Again, the downtime is a week at the most but most patients are back to work the next day. I have written extensively a guide about the different fillers that patients can use depending on what their needs are. The most common fillers I use are Juvederm, Volbella and Voluma but there is a full chest of fillers that can be used that are targeted for each patient. For example the patient before had Juvederm and Volbella for undereye hollows. The procedure took 10 minutes and the downtime was two days.

Facial Laser

Facial lasers such as a Halo laser have a downtime of three to six days with redness of the skin. They work by literally stimulating collagen and improve skin quality. Fine lines and wrinkles along with skin discoloration can be improved with Halo laser alone with Broad Based light (BBL) therapy. Most patients get a laser once a year as maintenance.

This a short guide for realtors for the most common procedures professionals in the real estate world tend to get in my office. Hopefully it can be something that is useful as a guide as to what people in the industry are using.

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