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Filler to the lip in Denver...which product to get?

A lot of patients are not sure which filler to get in their lips. There are many products that work well.


Juvederm plus



These are all good options. Some are softer than others and some lift the lip more and give it more fullness. These properties are based on the design of the filler. Each patient based on their anatomy and what they want for their lips can get a different product in their lips.

A couple key things to note:

1. Filler takes about 15-20 minutes to get.

2. Even with numbing there can be some discomfort during the procedure

3. The lips will be swollen and this swelling goes down over several days to a week

4. Each face has limits for how much filler one can get into their lips. Certain faces can hold only a certain amount of volume enhancement before things start to look unnatural.

As a surgeon injecting filler, one of the conflicts that can arise is when a filler patient in Denver wants more filler in their lips than looks natural. Do you give the patient what they wants even though it looks strange?

As a surgeon, I want to make patient's happy but what if I believe it is too much filler? On one hand, the patient can go find someone else and I lose a patient but on the other hand, the patient will be telling everyone that I filler their lips. The technique I usually use is to disclose to the patient that I think they don't need more filler. Some patients still go for it but most do not. My job as a doctor is to protect the patient, sometimes from themselves.

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