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Filler to lower eyelid hollows...treatment in Denver

Volbella is a great product for the lower eyelids. In Denver I often treat patients in the lower eyelid hollows with it. It has markedly less swelling than Juvederm and Restylane. In short it is a great product. In patients who desire cosmetic improvement of lower eyelid hollows, there are several things to remember.

1. The procedure is fast and recovery is quick

Filler in the lower eyelid takes about 15 minutes to perform by an eyelid specialist and there can be bruising for a couple days. Usually the patient is back to normal within a week.

2. Some patients are not good candidates

If a patient has excessive bags in the lower eyelids, filler is not for them. It would require so much filler that it will not create a natural look. Often these patients will need their lower eyelid bags reduced and then filler placed.

3. Filler should be done by a specialist who knows what they are doing

As an eyelid specialist, filler in the lower eyelid is a common procedure I perform. Oculoplastic surgeons are familiar with the anatomy of the lower eyelid, know the special vessels and structures to avoid. As an oculoplastic surgeon, I enjoy treating this area that I am so familiar with.

For a consultation for lower eyelid filler, contact our office. 303 468 8844.

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