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Eyelid Cancer...what does it look like?

Eyelid Skin cancer

Eyelid Cancer can appear in many forms. There are many things that eyelid cancer can appear to be initially:

A scratch on the eyelid

A stye

A chalazion

A small bump

Many patients often do not recognize that they have an eyelid cancer. They in fact think it is one of the above things and ignore it. Most patients don't recognize eyelid cancer and wait until it gets bigger.

These are the signs of a growth on the eyelid being cancer:

Bleeding on its own



Loss of eyelashes

These are all signs of eyelid cancer. If you have something on your eyelid call our office to get it checked out. Usually when a patient comes in with a growth, the next steps for treatment are a biopsy. A biopsy involves a small numbing shot, excising the growth and sending it to a pathologist.They look under the microscope and determine if the lesion or growth is cancer. If it is further excision needs to be done.

The different types of eyelid skin cancer are

basal cell carcinoma

squamous cell carcinoma

sebaceous cell carcinoma


Melanoma is the most serious eyelid cancer but basal cell is the most common. As an eyelid specialist, it is possible to determine the best treatment for the specific eyelid cancer that is seen on pathology.

As always if you ahve a growth on your eyelid get it checked out and biopsied today!

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