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Eyelid Cancer Treatment in Denver: Don't use these excuses to getting checked out

My practice in Denver deals with a lot of eyelid cancer treatment. Eyelid cancer is different than other skin cancers in that they can indirectly or directly affect the eye and vision. Eyelid Cancer can be treated with surgery or excision but identification is the first step. Many patients wait months or even years to identify and seek treatment for eyelid cancer. Eyelid cancer can be serious but if identified early can be easily treated. Early identification and treatment is critical to having a good outcome. There are many reasons patients don’t get an eyelid lesion checked. Which one of these applies to you?

I think it is a simple stye

Many patients in Denver think their eyelid growth or cancer is initially a stye. There are different ways that styes present itself and eyelid growths or cancers present. When there is any doubt get it checked by an oculoplastic surgeon.

eyelid cancer treatment denver

It will go away on its own

An eyelid cancer will in fact not go away on its own. It will only continue to grow and expand. Delay never improves things

I don’t have time to check it out

That is the number one reason for not getting an eyelid lesion sorted in patients where I have had to reconstruct an entire eyelid or eye socket.

I am afraid of the biopsy

The biopsy takes 5 minutes. It involves a simple numbing shot (most patients describe as a bee sting) and then the biopsy. Recovery is minimal with mild swelling for a couple days which resolves.

I had a biopsy before and it was normal so this growth is most likely normal

Lesions or growths are independent meaning if one lesion is a cancer or isn’t it doesn’t increase or decrease the chance of a second lesion being a cancer or not. Eyelid lesions or growths are like people you meet. Just because you like one person you met at a party, doesn’t mean you are more or less likely to like the next person…and vice versa. As an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver eyelid lesions are extremely common part of our practice along with performing eyelid biopsies. The biggest problems we face are with patients who avoid getting a biopsy and a skin cancer has grown and expanded because of delay of treatment. As a result the defect or part of the eyelid cancer remove is extremely large and the patient’s cosmetic outcome is affected.

If you have an eyelid growth in Denver and need treatment call our office to set up an appointment to get checked out.

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