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Red Eyes in Denver

Red Eyes in Denver

Red eyes in Denver are a common problem. Many patients suffer from red eyes because of dryness or irritation. Other patients have red eyes because of blepharitis, allergies and hereditary reasons.

The most common causes in Denver of red eyes are

  1. Dry Eyes

  2. Blepharitis

  3. Allergies

These diseases are all characterized by decreased vision, pain or discomfort of the eyes, foreign body sensation, irritation, t

earing and redness. A slit lamp exam needs to be done to diagnose these diseases properly.

What are other causes of red eyes? Sometimes redness of the eyes can represent other disease entities. Some of the more serious causes of red eyes include:

  1. Eyelid Cancer

  2. Eyelid turned out

  3. Autoimmune conditions affecting the eye

  4. Thyroid Eye Disease

This article is meant to go over the four more serious but less common causes of red eyes. These are things that should be checked out for sure.

Eyelid Cancer

Eyelid Cancer is scary. In Denver the most common causes of eyelid cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Also on the list is sebaceous cell carcinoma. All of these cancers are associated with redness, irritation and growth on the eyelid. Long story short if you have a growth on your eyelid with redness, you should get it checked out. A biopsy is usually performed and then further surgery is performed to remove the cancer completely. This is done on an outpatient basis.

Eyelid Turned out

An eyelid that is drooping out (as seen in the picture) is called an ectropion. This can occur because of aging but also trauma and even from sun damage! Ectropion is something that can be fixed with surgery but often patients feel that their eyes are red and do not recognize that there is a more serious problems with their eyelid. An oculoplastic surgeon can help you get your eyelids back to normal. Often tearing can be associated with the condition.

Red Eye Denver

Autoimmune Conditions affecting the eye

Immune conditions like Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis can cause red eyes. These diseases can also damage the eyes and blind a person if unchecked. In some conditions these conditions are only diagnosed with patients who come in to see a doctor for their red eyes. These conditions are serious and can also present with eye pain and discomfort. Even vision loss can occur with these conditions.

Thyroid Eye Disease

This is another autoimmune condition characterized by redness of the eyes. Bulging of the eyes, double vision and dry eyes can also be found. Often patients have a history of thyroid dysfunction but not always. An exam will reveal other signs that can be seen in thyroid eye disease.

As you can see, there are many causes of red eyes in Denver. A careful examination is something that can help patients to determine their diagnosis and treatment to be started. Good luck on your red eye solution and treatment!

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