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Are you getting a Profractional Laser when you actually need a Halo laser?: Don’t be duped!

There is a lot of confusion on the market for facial lasers and what the best treatment is for different patients. Many practioners treat patients with the only instrument that they have. If they only have a Profractional laser…everyone gets a profractional. If they only have a CO2 laser, every patient gets CO2. If they don't have a laser, no one needs a laser. The best results are when specific options are tailored to each patient depending on their need. In our practice most patients are interested in either the Sciton profractional laser or the Sciton Halo laser. Both offer great treatment options but target different portions of a patient’s face. Read below which of the two options works better for you. What we have learned over the years at Park Avenue Oculoplastics is that one size does not fit all and a specific individualized treatment plan is what is best for patients.

As can be seen the profractional laser is great for surface irregularities and deep scarring. It has the 2940 laser which treats deeply. The Halo on the other hand has two lasers in it, (1470 and 2940). This combines deeper treatments with surface treatments for targeting pigmentation, pore size, texture and fine lines. Most patients are now preferring the Halo laser over other lasers as it has a shorter downtime, better skin surface results. That being said, the Halo laser is not for everyone. Better skin texture results are achieved with the Profractional laser. Other patients, who have Fitzpatrick Skin Type 4 and 5 may not be good candidates for laser at all. We recommend to our clients to look at all the options for treatment and have an individualized treatment.

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