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Look Amazing in 2017!: Filler and Botox tips.

So its 2017 and you want to look good. You have made the decision to invest in your appearance and presentation. This may involve a new gym membership or crossfit training in Denver. It may involve new clothes. Some people invest in how their face appears and reducing aging signs of their face. Here are four tips for filler and Botox in 2017 that are important for patients in Denver to know.

Under the eyes there are only two good filler products

Volbella and Beletero are the go to products for under the eye. If your injector is injecting other products I would say they are not at the cutting edge of the best products for the under eye area. Why is this. This two products are not hydrophilic (water loving) so they tend to absorb less water and reduce the risk of a Tyndall effect which is a bluish discoloration of under the eyes.

Too much filler looks terrible

Getting more filler is not always good. More is not always better. Just like filling your lips, injecting more volume into your face may not always be good. There are limitations of how much volume should be given. The goal is to have a natural look without looking “overdone”. Listen to your injector and when they advise you that more filler is not in your benefit, listen to them. If your injector is always trying to get you to do more filler and never holds you back, get a new injector who has your interests over their finanacial benefit.

Augment filler/botox with facial laser treatments

Retention of youth in the face is not only due to loss of volume. Most aging is due to three things:

  1. Descent of tissue

  2. Loss of volume

  3. Skin aging changes

Loss of volume can be helped with filler. Botox can help wrinkles that are indirectly caused by skin aging changes. Descent of tissue is helped with surgery. Period. Also skin aging changes can be helped by facial lasers. Don’t limit your treatments to only filler and botox. Use other modalities such as Halo or Profractional laser to improve your appearace. This will augment your appearance in multiple ways than treating just one component of aging.

Go to an experienced injector who can treat complications

Injectors who inject all the time (such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons etc..) have more experience with injections. Other injectors can treat your competently but the big question you need to ask them is “What will you do if something goes wrong?”. Most patients assume that “something going wrong” means the filler/botox doesn’t look good. What it actually means is

  1. Loss of vision from obstruction of an artery supplying the eye

  2. Skin necrosis (death) from blocking a blood vessel

There are immediate treatments that are helpful to treat these complications. Not having these treatments (Wydase, Hyaluronidase, Nitropaste) are critical. One would consider someone a fool to fly in a plane without safety mechanisms in place. Why would one do the same thing with their face. Vet your injector. Ask the right questions. Treat yourself right. Good luck to you in 2017!

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