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5 things you need to have to get your cosmetic eyelid surgery done in Denver in 2017

1. You are over 21

There is no situation where cosmetic surgery should be done in children unless there is a congenital defect that a chid has been born with. In short, the face has not fully developed and things are not stabilized for a surgery to be worth it unless there is a medical indication.

2. Your appearance of your eyelids bother you

Be it if your eyelids are drooping, there is excess skin on your eyelids, or puffiness of the eyelids that make yourself or others feel as though your eyes don’t represent how you feel, it is an indication to consider eyelid surgery. At the end of the day, your eyelid appearance should bother you.

3. You have consulted with a plastic surgeon in Denver who does a lot of eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery in Denver is a delicate complicated surgery. It is not to be taken lightly. There are specialists who focus just on the eyelid as their area of expertise. These are called oculoplastic surgeons. Dr Chris Thiagarajah is an eyelid specialist who performs cosmetic and functional eyelid surgery. He is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons which is a specialized society for eyelid surgeons in the United States with 300 members. Having doctors perform eyelid surgery who “can do it” or “occasionally do it” is not advisable for something as serious as your eyelids.

4. You have the downtime in your schedule

Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty requires two weeks downtime on average. If that time is not available on your schedule, it may be difficult to have the surgery. Most patients are fine after 1 week but some patients need a longer time period. Make sure you have the downtime to spare. Planning big social events or vacations one week after eyelid surgery are a no-no. Clear the schedule. This is serious business and should be approached that way.

5. You have a friend or family who can be there for you for your surgery

For the day of your surgery, you will need someone to come with you and take you home. It is best for the first night if that person is with you in case you have trouble navigating to the bathroom or there is a problem and you need a ride to see the eyelid specialist. Dr Thiagarajah gives his cell phone to patients after cosmetic eyelid surgery in case of an emergency. It may be difficult to use your phone if your vision is blurry or there are problems after surgery. As a result, it is needed for someone else to call if there is an emergency.

These five things are non negotiable necessary for cosmetic eyelid surgery in Denver. In Denver a laison in our practice will help guide the other administrative components but if a patient doesn’t have these five things, eyelid surgery is a no-go. This is a good starter article for someone considering getting their eyelids done in Denver.

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