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Denver Stye (Chalazion) Fast Facts

So if you are reading this article, it means you have a stye in Denver. A stye or chalazion is a blockage of an oil gland in your eyelid. Here are the fast facts on styes/chalazion? This is a quick detail of the facts on styes by a Denver eyelid doctor. I remove styes and treat them medically. Here is what every patient should know who has a stye.

Why did I get stye?

There are oil glands in the eyelid. Sometimes they can get clogged like a pimple. No one “catches” a stye or chalazion. Some people get more styes the same way, some people have more dandruff or pimples.

Should I throw out my makeup after I get a stye?


How do I treat a stye?

A stye is treated with warm compresses for 15 minutes four times a day for 30 days. 85% of styes will get better on their own this way.

How do I make a warm compress?

Take a dress sock. Put some dry rice in it. Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Boom you have a warm compress. Treatment has to do with heat and not with water. A warm washcloth is easier to create but is messy and doesn’t stay as warm as long

What is the treatment if the stye is not going away?

The treatment for styes include excision (cutting it out) and steroid injections.

What about antibiotics for styes?

Styes are not infectious so antibiotics are largely ineffective.

Why did my doctor give me antibiotics for a stye then?

Styes are red, swollen and tender…similar to an infection. That being said, antibiotic drops or ointment are as useful to treat a stye as they would be the treat a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle is swollen, red, and tender but any person knows that antibiotic cream is not going to make it better…only rest, ice and time. Most doctors are unfamiliar with what styes are exactly, want to “give something” to the patient and thus most patients who are sent to me with a stye are given antibiotics..which is completely ineffective.

How long does it take to remove a stye in your Denver office?

It takes about 15 minutes

Do I need someone to come with me to remove the stye?

If it is one stye on one eyelid, probably not. If it is both eyes and multiple styes it would be a good idea.

Can I go to work that day?

The eyelid I work on will be swollen which gets better over 2 days or so. You can work but your eyelid will be swollen. Sometimes bruising can occur as well. If you work the front desk at Tiffany’s probably not but if you are an accountant in a cubicle, you probably will be ok.

Can the stye come back after Dr T removes it?

Yes, about 5% of styes can recur.

Are there any natural medicines for styes?

Fish oil (omega 3) has been shown to reduce the number of styes that show up. Warm compresses are obviously natural as well.

Can I live with the stye?

Yes, it isn’t cancer….(assuming that the growth you are seeing is in fact a stye and not cancer)

What about steroid shots for styes?

Steroid shots can sometimes be effective to reduce styes acutely as well (within the first two weeks).

These are the facts I wish every patient with a stye knew before coming in to see me. Treating styes with warm compresses initially is the best thing you can do to get rid of them as soon as possible. Call our office if you need a stye looked at, removed or are not even sure if it is a stye.

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