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Cosmetic Procedures before a wedding: What every Denver bride and bridegroom should know

In our practice in Denver we often have brides who come in to get cosmetic facial procedures before their big day. This can range from something as simple as botox to more complex procedures such as an eyelid lift. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. As brides today have the means and desires to use a little nip and tuck there are several things to take into account before getting any cosmetic procedure before your wedding day.

The first most important rule is come in well before your wedding. How much before? It is recommended that one comes atleast 6 months before the wedding date. Many times brides may be getting procedures that they have never had before: Botox, fillers, Juvederm, Kybella, Eyelid lifting, Neck Lifting. Often they underestimate the healing process for these procedures and think that in 3-4 days they will be “back to normal”. Nothing is further from the truth. Often simple procedures such as Botox carry the risk of mild bruising which is normally not a big deal but before a wedding will be considered a big deal.

I often recommend to patients to have a “trial run” of Botox before their wedding “Botox” treatment. Botox normally lasts three to four months. By having a trial run, that way you will know if you are going to like the look of Botox. If you don’t like it, you can have the botox wear often well before the wedding. If you do like it, you know to repeat that exact same treatment a month before the wedding so you will be in prime shape before the big day.

Finally, the recommendation I have before a wedding is to not repeat the same procedures that “the other bridesmaids” or “wedding party” is getting. Though it may sound like a good idea to get Botox or your lips plumped by Juvederm because your mom and mother in law to be are doing it, each treatment is individualized for each patient. Different people are better candidates for different procedures and some procedures are not for everyone. So if your mother in law to be recommends she can treat you to get a Botox treatment at the same time as her treatment, politely ask if you can make a separate appointment. That would avoid getting a procedure that is not right for you.

In summary there are three key rules for brides or anyone else before a wedding:

  1. Go atleast 6 months before the wedding..Don’t wait until the last minute.

  2. Do a trial run of some of the procedures before the actual event

  3. Don’t get procedures just because the Bridal party is..have an individualized treatment

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