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Lower eyelid from an eyelid expert in Denver

As a surgeon who performs a large volume of lower eyelid rejuvenation there are several options that are available. Some are surgical such as lower eyelid blepharoplasty but others are non surgical. One of the largest parts of my practice is actually non surgical treatment of lower eyelid bags and puffiness. What are the options. What are the most common questions that patients have about these treatments?

Lower eyelid filler Denver

What filler do you use to help with lower eyelid bags?

There are several options that are available for lower eyelid bag improvement. The three products I like to use are Restylane, Beletero, and Volbella. Why do I use these products? Different fillers have different properties. Some are more syrupy and some are more solid. Under the thin skin of the eye we want to use a syrupy material that fills in the hollows of the lower eyelids. This prevents bumpiness. Also, filler in the eyelids are prone to get swollen. As a result we want to use filler that has the least ability to swell. Of the three products that are listed Volbella is the best.

Can you use botox in the lower eyelid?

Botox is best for the crows feet and occasionally under the eyes if someone has "bulky eyelid muscles" which form rolls near the lashes. Otherwise for hollows or puffiness, filler is the best

How long does applying filler take?

Maybe 20 minutes to numb with numbing cream and then 20 minutes to inject

Do you use a cannula or needle?

The answer is depends. A cannula has the advantage of less bruising but lacks the ability to be layered in different planes the same way a needle does. In certain patients the needle will give a better outcome than a cannula.

What is the downtime of filler in the lower eyelid?

There can be bruising and swelling that lasts several days. Often there can be mild swelling over a week. Often we have patients massage the lower eyelids over that time period.

How do I schedule a consult?

The best way is to call our office at 303 468 8844.

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