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Bump on the eyelid: What can it be?

bump on eyelid

Most common causes of bumps on your eyelid

Many people have bumps on their eyelids. These bumps can be several things. It is best to get things checked out. Often eyelid bumps are not cancer, but sometimes it can be. If it is, then cancer is something that can spread to the rest of the eyelid and eye socket. These are the four things that most eyelid growths can be:


This is the most common bump on the eyelid in younger patients. It is characterized by a couple things

  • Usually starts over a couple days

  • Can be painful initially

  • Treated with warm compresses

Skin Cancer

This is one of the most dangerous growths on the eyelid.

  • Starts slowly (barely noticeable at first)

  • Grows over time

  • Can bleed on its own

  • Usually painless

  • Destroys lashes

Blocked Oil Gland

This is one of the most common things that is like a stye or chalazion that we see

  • Painful

  • Small white dot on eyelid

  • May become a stye over time

Benign Eyelid Growth

This is the most common thing I see on the eyelid in older patients.

  • Not painful

  • Lashes are intact

  • Doesn’t bleed

  • Very slow growing

As one can see there are several things that can be seen on the eyelid that can look like cancer, be stye, blocked oil gland, or even a noncancerous growth. My recommendation is to get things checked out.

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