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Brow lifting at the same time as Blepharoplasty in Denver: The good, the bad and the best in 2017

There are many browlifting options that can augment the appearance of the eyebrows during a blepharoplasty. Even if your eyelifting procedure is covered by insurance for vision improvement, there are several techniques that can really enhance the appearance of the eyelids and eyebrows during the procedure. The different eyebrow lifting procedures that work well with eyelid lifting are described and listed below.

Lateral direct brow lift

A small elevation of the brow can be done on the side of the brow which often drops with age. The scar hides very well and often gives a great lift to the eyebrows. The sutures are removed when the eyelid suture is removed.

Endoscopic Brow lift

This is the best lifting option for female patients that are younger. Through several incisions in the forehead, the eyebrows are lifted. This procedure lifts the entire eyebrow and the incisions are hidden in the hair. This is not a good procedure for men especially those with male pattern baldness.

Suture brow lift

A less invasive procedure that involves a suture raising the eyebrow on the sides. The suture technique is not as powerful as the other procedures but also the least invasive. The suture is placed through the eyelid incision.

Endotine Transconjuctival Browlift

Through the incision in the eyelids (which is usually in the eyelid crease), a dissolvable implant is placed that raises the brow. This is similar to the endoscopic browlift but there are no incisions in the scalp. It is not as effective as the endoscopic lift but almost as much of a lift without the scalp incisions.

Orbicularis release and removal

In this simple procedure, muscle that is used to depress the brows are excised. This is analogous to a permanent botox browlift. This is the least invasive during a blepharoplasty and there is little downside. It is the least effective of all techniques but sometimes that is all that is needed for patients during on of these procedures to lift the brow to enhance its height at the same time as eyelid lifting.

As an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver, eyelid lifting is my most common cosmetic procedure. Each patient is different and not every patients needs the same procedure. It is important when you see an eyelid lifting surgeon in Denver or find one, that they tailor their surgery to yourself and your eyes. That would be my advice for anyone in Denver trying to improve the cosmetic appearance of their eyelids and face.

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