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Volbella: The new filler for under the eyes in Denver

Volbella is a new product from the makers of Juvederm. It has FDA approval for around the mouth but Dr Thiagarajah has been treating patients for under eye bags.

How is Volbella different than Juvederm?

Volbella is much less hydrophilic than Juvederm. Commonly Juvederm would cause a “Tyndall effect” in the lower eyelids. This is a bluish tint that is apparent in the lower eyelids after Juvederm injection. Volbella is similar to Belotero (another filling agent) in that it is very soft and also does not absorb water well lowering the risk of the Tyndall effect or bluish hue in the eyelid. As an expert eyelid specialist in Denver, Dr Thiagarajah is adept in treatment under eye bags with filler.

Dr Thiagarajah employs special techiques using Phenylephrine to reduce bruising and swelling from under eye filler injections. This unique technique allows constriction of blood vessels in the lower eyelid to reduce brusing after injection with Volbella.

Who is a candidate for Volbella?

Anyone who wants to have their lower eyelid hollowness improved. Volbella is not good for patients who need a lower eyelid blepharoplasty or eyelid lifting from too much puffiness of the lower eyelid.

What is the cost of Volbella?

Volbella costs 400 dollars a vial. Most patients use 1 vial but some may need more.

How long does Volbella last?

Volbella lasts under the eyes up to one year. There are many variables that effect the lasting time of Volbella under the eyes in Denver patients such as age, movement, and amount of Volbella used.

How is Dr Thiagarajah unique in his treatment of patients with Volbella under the eye?

Dr Thiagarajah is an eyelid specialist (also called oculoplastic surgeon). In Denver there are only a handful of doctors who have special training in plastic surgery for specifically the eyelid area. This allows him to have special knowledge of the eyelids, their anatomy and function to create a great look for patients.

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