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Volbella in Denver: What it means for patients

The FDA recently approved Volbella, an injectable product and recently it has come to Denver, Colorado. In our office we have started using the product on patients. What are the key things about this product that is from Allergan the company that brought us Botox, Juvederm and Voluma?

What is volbella in Denver approved for?

Volbella is FDA approved for lines around the lip. This includes lines near the lip and helping lip contour (appearance of the lip)

What is the difference of Volbella vs Juvederm?

Volbella is less water absorbing. As a result it is more moldable in some ways and is better at not absorbing water. This reduces the chance of a Tyndall effect when there is a bluish hue under the eyes. Volbella also has a better lifting effect than Juvederm.

How is Volbella possibly used around the eyes?

Volbella can be used around the eyes for the tear trough in a much better way than Juvederm. The risk of a bluish hue or swelling is largely diminished (similar to Belotero). As a result tear trough deformity can be improved. Volbella can also be used in the crows feet to soften deeper lines that are there when a patient is not smiling.

As oculoplastic surgeons, my preference is to use care to create the best cosmetic outcomes possible for patients especially in this area where I have the maximum amount of expertise.

How long does Volbella last?

Volbella lasts up to 1 year in the lips. A study recently showed 80% of patients happy after 1 year of injection with Volbella. Most fillers in the past lasted 6 months on average which is a major upgrade. It is believed that these longer times should last in the rest of the face as well.

How much does Volbella cost?

The cost of Volbella is roughly $400 a vial. One vial is usually needed for the lips but some patients desire more vials.

When is Volbella available in Denver?

Our office is currently using it as one of the flagship high volume injection practices. Come in for a consultation and treatment today.

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