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Sex after Eyelid Surgery: When can you do it?

One of the most common questions I get as an eyelid surgeon in Denver is “Doctor T, When can I have sex after my eyelid surgery?”. Sex is a natural act. That being said it carries some risks after eyelid surgery and should be approached with caution.

First off, I would be shocked if a patient even wanted to engage in sex in the first 72 hours after eyelid surgery. During that time period patients are bruised and swollen. They will have pain, swelling and discomfort around the eyes. It would be surprising if a patient in that circumstance would be interested in engaging in sexual activity.

So now it is day 4 and a patient is feeling better. Why should they or shouldn’t they engage in sexual activity? I recommend to patients that they do not engage in sexual activity for 10 days after eyelid surgery specifically lower eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty.

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty or blepharoplasty in general is a procedure to remove skin and fat from the eyelid. During the surgery, blood vessels are cut while fat is being removed. Though these blood vessels are closed during surgery any increase in blood pressure, heart rate or exertion during the first week can open these blood vessels which can cause bleeding in the eyelid and eye socket. Why is that bad? Bleeding into the eye socket or eyelid can cause blindness by putting pressure on the optic nerve, the nerve that supplies the eye. If one has a bleed in the eye socket after eyelid surgery, it is an emergency and a

Let’s look at what happens physiologically when one has sex: an increase in blood pressure, heart rate and exertion. This is regardless of the physical exertion during sex and is related to the changes that happen with arousal, climax and orgasm. Additionally it is possible for the wounds in the eyelid to open up if there is physical tension on the eyelid or face which certainly could happen during sex. All things that are not good after blepharoplasty.

In summary after eyelid surgery, my patients tend to feel more confident and attractive. They may feel more sexually attractive and willing to engage in sexual activity. That being said, don’t do it for 10 days. Give it time. Reduce your risk of a major postoperative complication occurring. Get the stitches out. Let it heal. Then go nuts.

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