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Jeuveau Denver: What you need to know

Introducing Jeuveau Denver: What are the details?

Jeuveau is a new wrinkle treatment that is available for patients. Touted as “the next botox” it is different than any of the other Botox alternatives in the market in that the molecule for Jeuvueau is very similar to the botox molecule. Our practice is one of the few premier practices in Denver that has the product before it is available to the general market.

Why is there a new product? Doesn’t Botox work fine?

The answer is that Botox does work great. In fact the majority of our patients that we treat do great with Botox. That being said, just like having an alternative to Mercedes in BMW or to Coke like Pepsi, a new product has come along that may reduce costs for patients without sacrificing the results. In fact some argue that the results may be better.

Who is a candidate for Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is really available for any patient who is interested in reducing wrinkles. Ideally Jeuveau is an alterantive for patients who feel Botox doesn’t work well on them or has stopped working. Because it is a different molecule patients who have resistance to Botox may not have it with Jeuveau.

What is the treatment time for Jeuveau?

Just like Botox it takes roughly a week to work and 3 months to wear off. Anecdotely some doctors have felt their patients feel Jeuveau lasts a little longer (4 months) but this has not been studied.

How long does it last?

Similar to Botox.

What is the cost of Jeuveau compared to Botox?

Jeuveau is a little less expensive than Botox. In our office we charge $14/unit for physician injected Botox. Jeuveue would be a little less at $12/unit. So the average patient would end up saving $50 per treatment (assuming a treatment of 30 units which is the average)

What are the risks of Jeuveau?

Similar to Botox, the risks are drooping eyelid or any other risk that Botox would have.

How do I get in for a treatment with Jeuveau?

The best thing to do is make a consultation to discuss if this is the best option for you. It is critical to mention that you are seeking a treatment with Jeuveau so our staff will know that is what you are coming for.

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