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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Denver

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Denver

So its post pandemic and you have noticed on Zoom calls that your eyelids aren’t looking so great. Maybe the pandemic stressed you out or aged you so you don’t feel like your old self. Often stress and aging in the eyelids can manifest in different ways. This is an article for patients seeking cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty in Denver who want to know what a blepharoplasty or eyelid lift will or won’t do for you.

First off what is an eyelift? An eyelift is a generic term used by patients to describe surgery on the eyelids. In fact there are over 100 different types of surgery on eyelids that can occur. Eyelid lifting is often done for cosmetic purposes to refresh the appearance of the eyelids and eyes. There are three main types of eyelid lifts that occur. At times some or all of these procedures are done together.

Upper Eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Ptosis repair

Lower Eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty

Upper Eyelid Lift

An upper eyelid lift is essentially removing loose skin from the upper eyelids. This removes the hooded look that patients get from loose skin over time. Occasionally near the nose there can be puffiness which is fat that bulges forward. This procedure can be done in the operating room or in the office with or without anesthesia. The procedure takes 30 minutes and the recovery is about 2 weeks.

Eyelid Ptosis Repair

An Eyelid ptosis repair is a procedure to open the eyes. Often the eyelid skin is not removed but the muscle of the eyelid is tightened in order to open the eyes more. Patients sometimes have a “sleepy” look that makes the eyelids seem half open. This eyelid surgery is performed and directed just at that component. Generally patients who get this procedure will also get an eyelid blepharoplasty to remove skin that bunchs up after the procedure. This surgery takes about 30 minutes and the recovery is also about 2 weeks.

Lower Eyelid Lift

Finally , the lower eyelid lift is the more complex and more involved “eyelid lift” that I perform. It is performed with anesthesia and takes about an hour. Fat is removed from the lower eyelid to make the eyelids smoother and more youthful in appearance. Sometimes fat is repositioned into a hollows under the eye. As an eyelid cosmetic specialist, I often perform this procedure in conjunction with the other eyelid procedures. This procedure’s recovery is roughly 3 weeks as well. (this photo incidentally is a lower with upper eyelid lift)

How do you know if you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery in Denver?

Well, the best thing to do is have a consultation with an eyelid plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon. These specialists perform mainly eyelid surgery. As an eyelid specialist, I perform 60-80 of eyelid surgeries a month. By comparison, other “plastic” surgeons may only do 2 or 3. As an eyelid surgeon my focus is around the eyelids paying attention to the health of the eyes.

How do I find the best eyelid specialist in Denver?

I recommend to patients to find an eyelid specialist who you are comfortable with. The best way to do this is by making a consultation. Find someone who is the best “for you”. That may not be the best person for your neighbor or friend. I am certain that as an expert I can help you to be your best self.

What can I expect from the surgery?

The surgery day is a whole day affair. What I mean is you need to come an hour before the procedure, get checked by the nurses, talk to the anesthesiologist and get set for surgery. The surgery can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Recovery is another hour and then you go home to rest and ice. I tell patients all the time, it’s not a haircut..its surgery. Though it isn’t heart surgery, I recommend taking it seriously, resting well the night before and preparing yourself mentally with good thoughts and visualization of what you want your eyelids to look like after.

Is the recovery difficult? For most people, no but some people struggle with the patience of letting the eyelids heal over time. They want and expect instant results from the procedure and even ask for a mirror in the recovery room. Staying away from the mirror and allowing things to heal are the most important things for a good recovery. Also, avoiding exertion and straining is helpful to prevent any bad complication such as bleeding.

What are the risks?

The biggest risk of blepharoplasty is vision loss. I haven’t personally had a patient who has lost vision from blepharoplasty but it is a risk each time I do surgery just like an accident is a real risk when getting into a car no matter how short or often the same route is driven. That is why I encourage patients to not exert themselves to reduce the risk of bleeding and subsequent vision loss. Other risks include double vision, dry eyes, asymmetry, needing a touch up procedure, or trouble closing the eyes. Again, these are very uncommon but are real risks. The best way to reduce these risks is by seeing an eyelid plastic surgeon but even in our hands those risks though small exist.

How do I see you?

The best way is to call for an appointment 303 468 8844. That is best way to get an evaluation and see if you are a candidate and I can help you. I offer realistic expectations and conservative natural results. I turn away almost as many patients as I operate on who I feel are not good candidates. As one of the busiest oculoplastic surgeons in Denver, I have extensive experience and want happy patients rather than operating on everyone I see. During the consultation you can learn if I am a good fit for you but also if you are a good fit for me since surgery is really just a different form of a relationship. That being said, seeing me for a consultation is really the first step more than videos, articles, online reviews and other processes.

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