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Facial Fillers in Denver: A Warning

There are a lot of injectors in Denver providing facial filler. What is critical is making sure that the filler injectors have Hyaluronidase. It dissolves filler. It is used if filler is over injected, an adjustment needs to be made or filler needs to be dissolved for any reason. One of the rarest reasons to have filler dissolved if it is injected accidentally into a blood vessel. When that happens, blindness or even dying of skin and tissue can occur. The filler antidote or Hyaluronidase is needed to dissolve the material as soon as possible.

It is critical to ask your injector "Do you have filler antidote?" before you get an injection. If they don't you will be put at risk. Just like you wouldn't want to get on a boat without a life preserver, one would not want to get filler without the antidote. Very important to know.

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