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Eyelid Lift in Denver: Special Considerations for patients with Dry Eyes

Eyelid Lifting is one of the most common surgeries that are performed by myself and my partner, Jerry Popham. As an eyelid specialist in Denver, there are special considerations that are done for patients who need blepharoplasty or eyelid lifting. Eyelid lifting is best done by an experienced surgeon who has a good knowledge of the anatomy of the eyelids. Experience counts and eyelid specialists have a unique experience in this area of the body. Here are some considerations that all patients undergoing eyelid surgery should have carefully assessed.

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Male or female patient

Gender plays a role in what is the best options for patients. A simple component of eyelid surgery is assessing and treating the brows. In female patients, brows are more elevated whereas in male patients brows are lower. A patient needing blepharoplasty may need to have their eyebrows lifted depending on their gender.

Dry Eyes

Patients with dry eyes have special considerations during blepharoplasty. Eyelid lifting may make the eyes more dry. As a result, the dryness of eyes should be evaluated. It may be necessary to be more conservative in dry eye patients who are getting blepharoplasty surgery. Dry eye is evaluated in the office under slit lamp examination. Most patients referred to our office have been evaluated for dry eyes by a dry eye specialist.

Realistic expectations of surgery

Realistic expectations for surgery and healing are critical for patients to be happy. Healing after blepharoplasty can take several weeks. There is brusing and swelling. Not every patient gets back to normal in two weeks as is often told to patients. The two weeks represent the average time. Some patients are shorter and others are longer. Also, realistic expectations for surgery are critical for patients. There are limitations for blepharoplasty in that in short it is the simple removal of skin and fat from the eyelid. I tell patients that this surgery is not magic. The outcome is dependant partially on the surgeon but also on the underlying tissue of the patient. A 75 year old patient will often not have the outcome that a 35 year old patient will have. That is because the 75 year old also has 75 year old skin, bones and muscle that doesn’t snap back into place the same way a 35 year olds will. These are important things to know as a patient who is getting surgery.

Drooping eyelids

Some patients also have drooping eyelids at the same time. Drooping of the eyelids themselves are called ptosis. These patients need to have ptosis repair at the same time as blepharoplasty. Oculoplastic Surgeons can determine if ptosis surgery needs to be done at the same time.

As an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver I performed eyelid surgery commonly. It is critical for patients to have a good exam by an expert and surgery performed with someone with experience in this surgery. I have written a book on eyelid surgery for patients which can be helpful in finding the right doctor, getting the best outcome and having ones questions answered. I hope this articles helps patients understand the complexities of eyelid surgery as this is jut the tip of the iceberg.

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