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 Frequent Questions about Pediatric Ptosis Surgery

Pediatric ptosis surgery is a surgery that is performed to raise the eyelids or open the eyelids. Usually this is due to the fact that the eyelid muscle has not developed properly from birth. In order to fix the eyelid there are several approaches that can be done including tightening the muscle or placing slings.


Why should my child I get ptosis surgery with Dr Thiagarajah?


Dr Thiagarajah is an oculoplastic surgeon, member of ASOPRS, has performed thousands of eyelid surgeries in his career. His knowledge of the anatomy of the eyelids, eyebrow and face is extensive. He also is trained in neuro-ophthalmology which are diseases of the eyelid and orbit. Dr Thiagarajah has perfomed extensive sling procedures and pediatric ptosis procedures.


What is the downtime for Pediatric Ptosis Eyelid Surgery?

The downtime for ptosis eyelid  is roughly two weeks. Children after ptosis surgery are not able to go to gym class and should be restricted from exertion as much as possible.


How long is Pediatric Ptosis eyelid surgery?

Ptosis eyelid  surgery takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on whether if one or both eyelids are being operated on.


What are the different approaches to pediatric ptosis surgery?


There are three approaches to pediatric ptosis repair. This includes tightening the eyelid muscle. This rarely works in congenital or pediatric ptosis but gives the best chance for the eyelid to look normal. Otherwise, a sling is placed to connect the eyelid to the eyebrow and as the eyebrow is raised the eyelid is lifted. The sling can be made from harvested thigh tendon (fascia lata) or can be synthetic. 


What are the risks of Ptosis Eyelid Surgery?

Risks of Ptosis surgery include asymmetry, vision loss, bleeding, scarring, infection and the need for more surgery. Often in children with pediatric or congenital ptosis, the sling procedure has to be revised until the face and eyelid have matured which does not happen until young adulthood.


When can I resume normal activities after Ptosis eyelid Surgery?


Usually after two weeks children are able to return to normal exercise, contact lens use, and physical exercise.


When do the stitches come out after Ptosis Eyelid Surgery?


Stitches are removed one week after ptosis surgery.


How is Ptosis surgery in children different than Ptosis surgery in Adults?


Ptosis surgery in children is performed because the levator muscle has not developed properly from birth. In adults, it is performed because the levator muscle has become weak. In adults we tighten the muscle back to its original position. In children, we often have to place a sling or material to replace the action of the muscle. Unfortunately the sling is not as good cosmetically as the muscle tightening but in children whos levator muscle has not developed, it is the best procedure that we have. In order to lift the eyelid, the patient will have to raise their eyebrow. 


What is the success rate for Ptosis surgery?


The need for further surgery after ptosis surgery is anywhere from 5-20%. This is usually an adjustment made to correct the eyelid height or contour. This additional fees for touch up surgery is not in the original fee for ptosis surgery.

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