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Earlobe Repair in Denver

earlobe repair Denver

earlobe repair Denver

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30 minutes office procedure

New hole pierced in
six weeks

With the use of earrings, earlobes can often be torn or stretched over time. Torn earlobes can not only make it hard to wear earrings but also is unsightly. Fortunately earlobe repair is easy and often takes under 30 minutes.



What is the procedure to repair an earlobe?


Earlobe repair is done in the office under local anesthesia. Often the hole or ripped earlobe is repaired and stitches are placed so the earlobe heals in a normal fashion. 


After earlobe repair when can I get a new hole pierced?


Often the earlobe hole is made 6 weeks after the earlobe is repaired. The new hole can't be made where the previous tear is since the tissue is weak in that area.  It is usually made adjacent to the new hole.


Do I have to adjust my earrings after  getting my earlobe repaired?


Yes. A torn earlobe usually cannot handle the heavy earrings that stretched the tissue in the first place. It is advised to not use heavy earrings even after repair

How long does the torn earlobe repair take?


The procedure takes about 30 minutes in the office.


Do I need someone to be with me for my Stye Removal?

Generally no. Usually you can drive home by yourself.


What are the risks of  Earlobe repair


The biggest risk of stye removal surgery is the hole doesn't completely heal and it has to be redone. Other risks include bleeding, scarring, infection and the need for further surgery


When can I resume normal activities after Earlobe Repair?


Most patients can resume normal activities roughly 2  days after  Earlobe Repair


When do the stitches come out after Earlobe Repair?


Usually stitches are removed at 9-10 days after earlobe repair. 


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