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Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy is a problem with the function of the facial nerve of the face. Thought to be related to a viral infection such as previous chicken pox the data is not 100% of the cause of Bell's Palsy. Dr Thiagarajah treats and manages Bell's Palsy with other doctors and specialists. His area of focus is the eyelid function and appearance after Bell's Palsy.


What is the initial treatment for Bell's Palsy


Though the use of antiviral medicines are not 100% proven for Bell's Palsy, steroids are well documented to improve recovery of Bell's Palsy.


How long before Bell's Palsy starts improving?


Usually Bell's Palsy does not improve for 3 weeks after its onset. 


How long does Bell's Palsy full recovery take?


85% of patients recover completely within 6 months.


Are there any other treatments for Bell's Palsy?


Electrostimulation of the nerve, Acupuncture and Facial Muscle therapy have all been useful in the treatment of Bell's Palsy.These have been proven through data studies and are not conjecture. 


Why does my eye hurt with Bell's Palsy?


Bell's Palsy causes a problem with a closure of the eye. Inability to close the eye can cause a dryness and irritation to the cornea. In some cases, the cornea can be permanently damaged if it is not protected during Bell's palsy recovery.


What can help close the upper eyelid in Bell's Palsy?

Dr Thiagarajah places gold or platinum weights in the upper eyelid to help the eyelid close. In some cases he can tighten the corner of the eyelid to also help the upper eyelid close as well. 


My lower eyelid is drooping after Bell's Palsy. Can Dr T help?


Yes! Tightening the corner of the lower eyelid can help the eyelid close. This is called a canthoplasty. Dr Thiagarajah performs this procedure to help the lower eyelid raise up to the proper position. There are other procedures such as spacers that are done to help raise the lower eyelid as well.







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